Bethesda Health Care Hospital

Welcome to Bethesda Hospital & Child Care Center!

In the Name of Jehovah Rapha, the Great Healer - Jesus Christ, the hospital was envisioned by Dr. V.Christopher MBBS, DCH, and was started as Bethesda Child Clinic in 2000, aiming to safeguard, protect and ensure a healthy future generation - our children. Driven by the vision to meet the health care needs of all age groups, Bethesda Hospital & Child Care Centre has expanded by leaps and bounds, and functions 24X7 since 2004 as a multi speciality hospital.

Your Doctor

Having a strong mind that 'JESUS IS THE HEALER' and he is just an instrument, Dr. V. Christopher, Founder, Bethesda Hospital & Child Care Centre having a principle of 'born to serve' started his practice in the year 2000. With his dedicated and committed involvement, he was able to gain great name in the minds of people. As a reward for his sincere and kind treatment, he adds blessing and enormous support day by day.

Patient Care

Following the footsteps of God and Savior Jesus Christ who came to serve and not to be served, the patient-care personnel never get tired to serve, putting patients first and hence the hospital is amongst the most preferred destinations for patients. Our nursing and non-nursing staff team do honey bee service with real concern to each & every patient. We pray for patients' speedy recovery and their families' good health.


Bethesda Hospital & Child Care Centre is named after the pool of Bethesda still present in Jerusalem since Biblical times which is associated with healing. The name 'Bethesda' is said to be derived from Hebrew/ Aramaic language which means 'House of Mercy' or 'House of Grace'.